Chiara Muzzi

Women's environmental activism in Europe through the lens of audio media

Chiara is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. Her research interests include communicative justice, gender, and the role of media in socio-environmental communication and justice. Her focus is on audio.

Chiara completed her MSc in Conservation Science and Policy at Exeter University Cornwall Campus in 2014, and her undergraduate degree in Development Studies and Economics at SOAS in 2003. She is a practitioner who worked alongside human rights defenders in Colombia, Ecuador and Nepal for a few years before joining a community radio in Cornwall. Here she used the platform to explore and engage with environmental topics.

PhD research description

Chiara’s research aims to explore the role of audio media in socio-environmental communication and change. More specifically how women in Europe interact with the medium, their nuanced and diverse narratives and their potential to shape socio-environmental discourses and affect change.  Voice(s) will be at the centre of a framework provided by communicative justice and feminism.

PhD supervisors

Chiara’s PhD is supervised by Prof. Thomas Tufte and Prof. Jo Tacchi.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Chiara was awarded a Techne scholarship, an Arts and Humanities Doctoral Training Partnership.