Andrew Hegarty

New Paradigms in Innovation Diplomacy: The Emergence of the Metropolitan Innovation Ecosystem as a Diplomatic Actor and the Foundational Case for Non-State Innovation Diplomacy

Andrew Hegarty

Andrew is a doctoral candidate in the Institute of Diplomacy and International Governance, where he is focused on innovation diplomacy.

Immediately prior to his doctoral research, Andrew completed an MSc in Diplomacy & International Governance at Loughborough University London. Prior to this, he enjoyed a 25-year career in and around innovation, starting as a technology banker, before becoming an early-stage technology fund manager, venture consultant and start-up founder.

PhD research description

Andrew's thesis sets out to explore the emergence of Metropolitan Innovation Ecosystems (MIEs) as diplomatic actors and their impact on the nature and practice of innovation diplomacy. Specifically, his research investigates how MIEs have developed diplomatic actorness in a global landscape increasingly underpinned by technological innovation.

PhD supervisors

Professor Helen Drake and Dr Tim Oliver.

Awards, grants or scholarships received


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