We're here to help you find safe, well-managed and affordable accommodation, that's why we have approved a number of accommodation options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Rental accommodation in London tends to range in price depending on the London transport zone you live in. Loughborough University London is located on the border of the transport Zones 2 and 3. You’ll generally pay more for accommodation in Zone 1, and less if you are based in Zone 6.  

We work closely with experienced, reputable organisations that specialise in providing student accommodation, from high-quality halls of residence, shared housing and self-contained apartments and houses. Our recommended providers can help you find housing for single students, couples and students with families.  

To find out more information about our accommodation providers please visit our London Accommodation page

Further help

The Student Accommodation Centre can assist you with your search for accommodation in the capital. You will then need to book your accommodation directly with your chosen provider and the provider will be responsible for managing the tenancy agreement with you. 

There are a variety of things to consider when booking accommodation, our Student Services team can support you with these decisions. If you wish to have someone else check the contract for you, understand your rights or have any queries regarding off-campus accommodation, you can contact the Student Advice and Support Service.