Federico Winer

Trusted mechanisms to consolidate data on esports

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Federico is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Sport Business. As an entertainment industry leader and former broadcast journalist, he is exploring how different technologies can help the esports ecosystem to create more accurate data.

Federico Winer is a trusted industry advisor for customers in gaming, esports, betting, lotteries, cinemas and digital arts. He is an Entertainment Industry influencer, ranking in the top 1% at LinkedIn and Crunchbase networks. He has developed international business for Media, Sports and Entertainment corporations since the start of his career, with a firm understanding of how humanities and IT coexist.

Federico holds grades in Journalism and Media (TEA, 2001), Computing Science and Telecommunications (IES, 2004), Humanities (UOC, 2018) and an Executive Master in Business Administrations (EADA/UCLA, 2014).

PhD research description

In the sports and entertainment industries, esports has a global momentum that sets it apart from any other segment of the market. Studies such as that of Merwin and Sugiyama (2018, 4), predict two digits of growth in three areas: audience, prizes and monetization for the period 2018-2022. In this regard, leader consultancy companies such as PwC and Newzoo estimate a growth between 50 to 80% by 2021 (PwC, 2018). The sponsorship and advertising segment accounts for 60% of the industry's income (IAB, 2018), which stands at around 533 million euros per year in 2018. However, the way in which numbers are reported around this Industry is still a dark area in which information is fragmented and not accessible to the different stakeholders in a transparent and accessible way.

The purpose of this research is the search for solutions to the problem of audience measurement and decision of sponsorship investments in esports. The work analyzes examples from other industries that have already adopted the use of other technological processes.

PhD supervisors

Federico's PhD is supervised by Dr Emily Hayday and Professor Aaron Smith

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Honours for the End-of-degree project, 2017 at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

Papers, publications and articles

Interests and activities

Federico is an Italian national raised in Buenos Aires, with German and Polish roots in his family. He lived in six nations and loves arts and independent films, with a special accent for artists as Federico Fellini, Quentin Tarantino, Slavoj Zizek, Cristian Mungiu and Irvine Welsh. He loves to practise skiing and football.

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