Research is at the heart of the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance. Active research underpins our ability to deliver an outstanding teaching experience at the forefront of our discipline. Students will have the opportunity to work with leading researchers and industry diplomacy and related disciplines professionals in order to gain first-hand experience of real-life problem solving.

The Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance adopts an interdisciplinary approach in its research areas. These areas deal with national and global issues and their relevance to diplomatic practice, international security, trade and finance and communication, such as:

  • The impact of information technology on diplomatic missions and other government departments

  • Emerging patterns of diplomacy, regional integration, conflict resolution and crisis management

  • The role of religion in international relations

  • Environmental diplomacy

  • The role of the media and NGOs in the formulation of foreign policy.

  • The role of governments and corporations in promoting business and trade

  • The impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on development

  • Terrorism and violent non-state actors

  • The Impact of the Media on Development

  • Economic Diplomacy

  • Diplomacy and Gender

  • Emerging patterns in international security

  • New paradigms in decision-making

  • Energy security

  • Humanitarian intervention and foreign policy

  • The responsibility to protect

Research degree topics currently being supervised by the staff of the Academy:

  • Evaluating the Roles of Information Security Intelligence for Crises Prevention and Mitigation: A Case Study of the UAE Government

  • The Role of OSCE in Conflict Resolution: The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict as a Case Study

  • Data Mining Approach for Strategic Human Resources Management: United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defense, a Case Study

  • The Impact of Digital Technology in Advancing Organisational Learning Capability and Innovativeness of Policing Activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

  • A Critical Study of the Effect of Mobile Technology on Abu Dhabi Police Operations

  • The Role of Diplomatic Mission in Promoting Business and Trade: United Arab Emirates, a Case Study

  • A critical Analysis and Advancement of M-Government Concept

  • The Issue of Diaspora in International Relations : A Case Study of Nigeria-UK Diplomatic Relations

  • The Role of the Media in Crisis and Disaster Management Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States, a Case Study

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