Diplomacy and International Governance

Our current research focuses on national and global issues and their relevance to diplomatic practice, international security, trade and finance and communication.

The Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance offers unrivalled insight into the challenges and opportunities in the areas of modern diplomacy, international security, international business and trade, global communication and information management. Our students and staff enjoy working together on various research projects throughout the year, which aim to benefit communities and organisations across the world. We have a strong network of industry partners and encourage all of our students to collaborate with a range of organisations during their studies.
If you decide to undertake a PhD with the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, you will become part of our passionate research community and will have the opportunity to work with leading researchers and diplomatic professionals working in the field. We are committed to helping you achieve great things, and encourage all of our students to build professional relationships with the organisations or diplomatic missions that interest them the most.

Diplomacy and International Governance MRes

Our Diplomacy and International Governance MRes will enable you to become part of our ambitious research community, and gain specialist knowledge and skills to prepare you for a PhD or analytical career.

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