Skills Check

Our ‘Skills Check’ programme has been designed by our team of recruitment, learning and development experts.

The programme is designed to help you gain skills which help you to stand out in job interviews and enhance your future career prospects.

Check your skills

  • Develop self-awareness: Discover more about yourself and identify the skills that will help you achieve your aspirations
  • Set career goals: access our careers coaching service to help you set professional goals
  • Develop a career plan: Use our tools to help you reflect on your goals, and shape a skills development plan that is right for you

Gain an advantage

  • Develop new skills: Take part in workshops to enhance your employability and cultivate new capabilities
  • Grow your network: Make new connections by taking part in events and activities hosted in the LU LDN Enterprise space
  • Improve your job prospects: Network with employers and collaborate with organisations through activities embedded within and alongside the curriculum

Showcase your skills and achievements


To find out more about upcoming Skills Check workshops, please visit the Skills Check section on LEARN.