Skills Check

Our ‘Skills Check’ programme has been designed by our team of recruitment, learning and development experts. It features a series of simulated recruitment exercises, similar to those used by high profile recruiters looking for their next hire.

The programme is designed to help you better demonstrate sought after attributes employers look for during the recruitment process and provide you with a competitive advantage when applying for future job interviews.

The programme includes three steps:

Step 1: Check your skills

Autumn Challenge

  • Prepare for the year ahead: tackle a series of challenges against the clock and learn more about the behaviours you demonstrate when under pressure
  • Reflect on your performance: Use feedback from the exercises to shape a plan to develop professional skills which are right for you
  • Act to accelerate your career: Access relevant development opportunities to enhance your chances of impressing during interview for your dream job

Step 2: Check your progress

  • Check you’re heading in the right direction: access our careers coaching service to assess your goals
  • Benefit from your tailored feedback report: Use your results to fine tune your recruitment performance and build a check list of further development
  • See the difference: take part in a series of exercises in the Spring to see how your performance has improved

Step 3: Showcase your skills and achievements


To find out more about upcoming Skills Check workshops, please visit the Skills Check section on LEARN.