Postgraduate Employability and Achievement Award

We have developed an award to help you to record what you have achieved since joining your programme and reflect on how this has helped your personal development.

The award enables you to gain recognition for the different ways in which you have developed your skills and experiences, and become more employable over the duration of your programme.

Having the opportunity to discuss my future career one-to-one with the EtC staff, building a good relationship with the team and seeking their advice on a personal basis was a huge plus to the EtC/PEAA offering. This helped me discuss some really poignant questions for my own candidacy and helped me structure my future career path, too.

Sanjeev, MSc Cyber Security and Big Data graduate

Many of the events and activities can be used as part of your award submission, including:

You may undertake other activities during your time with us, that may also contribute towards your professional development, such as part time work, volunteering, supporting or engaging with the Student's Union, completing an internship or choosing an organisation-based project for your dissertation. All of these activities can be included in your submission for the Postgraduate Employability Achievement Award.

The PEAA helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and so, I was able to further develop my strengths and improve on my weaknesses which helped me land me a great graduate job!

Smruthi, MSc Design Innovation Management graduate

There are many ways to create a submission for the Award, from writing a report to making a video. Whatever the format, it is important to:

  • Outline the opportunities you have engaged in since the start of your programme. This should include, but also excel activities you have taken part in as part of your academic study
  • Discuss what you have learnt from those experiences
  • Demonstrate how these experiences enable you to stand out from the crowd

You must also provide an endorsement from a trusted source, who can confirm that you have engaged in the opportunities you have outlined as part of your submission. This could be an employer, an academic or other member of staff at Loughborough University London.

For more information about the Award, please visit LEARN or email