Mario Fernandez

Country / region
Graduated from
USMA (Panam√°)

Mario currently studies our MSc Sport Business and Innovation programme.

Before studying at Loughborough University London, Mario studied at USMA (Panamá).

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

I choose Loughborough University London because I knew it would be a great step in my career. London is a great city. Also, it really engaged me that campus is where was the London 2012 Olympic Games took place. I didn't hesitate when I decided I wanted to be part of a top university such as Loughborough University London. For me, it has been a dream to be part of such a great university and now this is a reality.

What attracted you to your programme?

I chose the programme because love sport and innovation. My programme has a innovative approach on sport and is really up to date about current industry behaviour, sport start-ups and innovation ecosystems. This is a challenge for me, but I like that, because I think if you want to succeed, you need to go out of the comfort zone.

Studying a sport-related subject means passion, emotion and culture. It is these aspects during classes and activities that create such an immersive experience in theoretical and practical methodology. I also really like the connection of Loughborough with stakeholders in the industry. In the first month, I connected with more than 10 start-ups during classes and Future Space activities. The learning content is not just in classes, there is a world of activities organized by Future Space and Loughborough Enterprise Network also has entrepreneurship workshops and seminars. If you need to improve your English and writing skills, the university also provides workshops.

It is amazing how much you can access through Loughborough University London..... and of course, my classmates are fantastic! It is amazing how much you can learn by making friends.

What do you enjoy the most about your course/Loughborough University London?

I enjoy every single minute, being here is just an incredible opportunity. Even though I started my classes online, this was still a networking opportunity and I have been able to learn from experts and interact with nice people. You will never be bored as a student and I am enjoying the experience..... It is London and it is a top University. I have awesome classmates, professors, start-ups and the environment, culture, sport and friends are fantastic. Let's have fun and become the best version of ourselves.

How do you think studying a master's degree is helping you to reach your future career goals?

During the first month, I realised that this is the opportunity that I needed for my career. I don't have any doubt that I will accomplish my goals. How Loughborough University prepares students clearly show a strong educational compromise. For me, this is like training with a top Premier League Team - you know that you will improve your talents by doing your best and enjoying the experience!

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

I used to play football (my level is like Ronaldo), I enjoy video games (I am a Fifa pro gamer) and travelling. I love to enjoy life.