Errol Dela Cruz

Country / region
The Philippines
Graduated from
University of Salford
Chevening Scholarship

Errol is currently studying our Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy MSc programme.

Before studying at Loughborough University London, Errol studied at the Phillipine Military Academy.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

I chose to study in Loughborough University London because it offers a perfect course related to my advocacy of promoting sustainable peace. Aside from that, the roster of world class and top calibre professors is very impressive. The campus location is also amazing. For an international student like me, it is very thrilling to live and study in the UK and even more so, in London.

What attracted you to your programme?

I was attracted to my programme due to the well crafted and balanced modules in security, peace-building, and diplomacy. The way it is taught, as well as the approach to learning this subject is very interesting. It is highly effective for higher learning and it encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills.

What do you enjoy the most about your course/Loughborough University London?

The diversity in class is what I enjoy most. Our classrooms are considered melting pots for cultures around the world- since the students are from many different parts of the globe. Not only that, it creates an atmosphere of learning with a real global perspective whilst at the same time learning and understanding more about international cultures.

How do you think studying a master's degree is helping you to reach your future career goals?

I strongly believe that a master’s degree is a huge help in career advancement and personal growth. Studying this programme at Loughborough University London will also prepare me to perform bigger roles in my career in the future.

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

If I am not studying, I am normally exploring London! Since the campus is in the capital city, I have access to the vibrant and “real” city life of London. I also go for a run at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is where the university is located; or perhaps a take a long walk at the scenic hackney canal which is also only a stone-throw away from the campus.

Do you have any advice for students moving to London?

My advice would be to maximize your stay and make the most out of it! Explore the city and immerse yourself to the sights and sound of this amazing city. Explore as much as you can!