Yang (Kyle) Liang

Yang (Kyle) Liang - Student Ambassador 2018/19
Country / region
Graduated from
Coventry University

Kyle is a Diplomacy, Business and Trade MSc student from China.

Kyle graduated from Coventry University before commencing his master's studies at Loughborough University London. 

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

A number of reasons made me choose Loughborough University London. I love London as a city, I wanted to study the programme I am currently studying and Loughborough's fantastic rankings. 

What attracted you to the programme?

My bachelor degree is related to business and it provided me with a basic foundation, however I was intrested in Lougborough University London because they had a combination of Business and Diplomacy which was different and specific. 

List at least one thing you wish you knew about Loughborough University London before arriving on campus.

I wish I knew about the collaborations Loughborough University London had with national and international organisations and its high student ranking. 

List three ways that studying a master's degree is helping you to reach your future career goals.

  1. My master's degree is providing me with a variety of networks with other students due to the huge diversity
  2. In an academic way, it definitely has broaden my horizons with different aspects in terms of real life business cases.
  3. It has made me have a better understanding of real life organisations structure, strenghts and challenges.

Do you have any advice for students moving to London?

A master's degree is much harder than undergraduate study so study hard but also enjoy living in London and hanging out with your friends. 

Tell us about the support available at Loughborough University London?

The University really care about the career prospects of all students. They have a programme called 'Skills Check' which help you prepare for an Interview.