Victor Mantilla Gutierrez

Victor Mantilla Gutierrez
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Victor joins us from Peru and is studying MA Media and Creative Industries.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

The first information I considered was the reputation of the institution. Loughborough University definitely has a prestigious legacy for the quality of its teaching and research in many fields, including Media and the Creative Industries. It was also relevant the fact that the university occupies the first places in academic rankings, and the types of modules that offered, which combined practice and theory, such as the challenging Collaborative Project.

A crucial part of my decision was also the welcoming and friendly environment that the university projected since the very beginning for international students. And finally I have to confess that it was always appealing to me to know where the school is located: Being in London feels that you are in the core of the world.   

What attracted you to the programme?

I have experience inside the field of Media and Creative Industries, producing live television contents under fast-paced environments, and I am continuously looking to face bigger challenges that allow me to take a step forward in my career as a social communicator. In order to accomplish that goal, I found out that the university could be an ally to me, providing me with up-to-date tools and resources to shape my skills and develop new ones, so that I can be more than ready when those opportunities pop up.   

List at least one thing you wish you knew about Loughborough University London before arriving on campus.

I thought I knew all about London when I was doing research before coming, but it was until I arrived when I realised that the cost of living could be a little bit challenging at least at the beginning. So planning in advanced is always a good option.

Describe Enterprise Through the Curriculum in your own words.

A great opportunity to get to know how a big scale job sector works, how you can go through it and how much you have to brush up your abilities to make a good impression inside the competitive sector.    

List 3 ways that Enterprise Through the Curriculum is helping you to reach your future career goals.

Real experiences, helpful workshops and always networking are the key factors.

Do you have any advice for students moving to London?

Give yourself an opportunity to get to know a new place in London and its people every day. You will find that there is always something surprising in the city, even when you simply step out of an underground station! Following a schedule will help you to go out without having in mind any pending assignment.  

Do you take part in any extra-curricular activities on campus or in the local area?

I am part of the team that is creating the first London campus magazine ever! I am so proud to be part of this dynamic project since it enhances me in every edition not only to take “instagramable” pictures, but also reflect and write about appealing places inside the big city, with a special focus on its multicultural changes and impact formed throughout many years. In addition, I have been also participating in talks and workshops related to the media industry organised across London, to be always up to date with the new trends.

Where are the best places to explore on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park?

I know that everybody is going to mention the Westfield Shopping Centre, which is of course a place where you can find literally everything you never thought you will need, from crêpesand doughnuts to urban clothes and glamorous accessories; but I have to mention that the park itself is a huge place where you can meet people, do camping and exercises. Personally I run every day across the whole park to feel energetic during the day. The best thing: it is always open.

Do you have any advice to prepare students for the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study?

Be focused. If you want to pursue a bigger dream, you should be thinking bigger and carefully about choosing the right institution to study in and follow that goal. Never forget to be active inside the classroom, making the most of every event and workshop that the university organises regularly, visiting the library to read magazines, and networking with people from different backgrounds.  And remember you are in London! So it is okay to enjoy every second of this marvellous city since, trust me, you will have enough time.

What support is available at Loughborough University London?

As a student, I have academic support all the time and if I encounter some issues, let’s say related to employability, I have the option of asking for an appointment with an expert in the field in order to receive advice. LSU London also is a good support when it comes to extra-curricular activities.