Ibukun Adegola

Ibukun Adegola
Country / region
Graduated from
Loughborough University
Dean's Award Scholarship

Ibukun graduated from our East Midlands campus with a degree in Product Design Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

There were a few reasons why it was easy for me to choose Loughborough University London. The first being with the affiliation with the main campus as I was a student there prior where I had a good time and a lot of opportunities. The second is due to the entrepreneurial nature of the campus as I plan to nurture my business idea supplemented by relevant modules and other extra curricular activities/events. The third reason was the Dean’s Award Scholarship I was awarded. The fourth reason was the location being in London and its closeness to the exciting main start-up hub (Shoreditch) here in Europe.

What attracted you to the programme?

The opportunity to learn relevant and useful modules that would supplement my business idea is what attracted me to study MSc Entrepreneurial Design Management. Also the chance to network and work with other like-minded students was exciting.

List at least one thing you wish you knew about Loughborough University London before arriving on campus.

That there's a free shuttle bus from Westfield to our campus at Here East.

Describe Enterprise Through the Curriculum in your own words.

Extremely helpful for personal and professional development

List 3 ways that Enterprise Through the Curriculum is helping you to reach your future career goals.

1. Developing my presentation, public speaking/pitching skills

2. Developing my teamwork ability

3. Developing my networking ability

Do you have any advice for students moving to London?

Try to live within your means especially with regards to accommodation. Do your research about what sort of accommodation is around. Try to live as close to the campus as possible if you can, as I do not pay for transport which has saved me a lot of money. FYI, if you live within walking distance to Westfield, you get a free bus from outside Westfield to the campus every 5 mins.

Do you take part in any extra-curricular activities on campus or in the local area?

I try to get involved in as many events around my interest, from time to time I go to hackathons, meetups to further get my creative juices flowing. Plexal (a technology innovation centre) which is just next door holds regular events such as “Introduction to Digital Products” which I highly recommend. I have taken part in the business idea competitions held on campus too.

Do you have any advice to prepare students for the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study?

In my experience, the transition from 2nd year to final year is nowhere as close to the transition from final year to masters as you must have been through the dissertation process. So would say therefore is absolutely no reason to stress as long as you get on top of things from the start.

What support is available at Loughborough University London?

There are lots of support opportunities available depending on your interests and future ambitions:

  • There is support with academic writing and grammar, which is really useful even if you are not international.
  • Enterprise through the curriculum offer opportunities such as 'Skills Check', which ensures that you have the skills employers are looking for. There are also regular workshops available every week for your personal and professional development such as C.V checks, how to lead, Self-awareness to name a few.
  • Great entrepreneurial support and mentorship if you have a business idea. This includes the opportunity to win £3,000, and a chance to join a highly popular pre-accelerator programme called Fast-Forward London.