Owen Betteridge

Owen Betteridge
Country / region
United Kingdom
Graduated from
Loughborough University
Alumni Bursary

Owen is from the UK and studies Sports Business and Innovation.

Why Loughborough University London?

Quite simply, to continue my already life-changing Loughborough Experience. The location in one of the world’s greatest cities in combination of being on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park makes Loughborough University London truly unique. The cutting edge courses give real life teaching opportunities to all students. It is a brilliant learning and social environment!

What have you most enjoyed about your programme so far?

The content. The teaching of Sport Business is truly captivating, it is everything I wanted and more in a course. Researching the topic areas that I am passionate about makes coming into University a hobby as opposed to a chore!

What attracted you to the programme?

The opportunity to learn about the ever expanding Sports Business world from a world class institute which is in close proximity to countless sporting teams and organisations whom are based in and around London.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I honestly have no clue. I am a bit of a nomad to say the least so I could be anywhere in the world. My goal is to move to the USA long term, I love the culture and the adventure the country brings. Career wise I would LOVE to be working within a multinational sporting company or professional sports team. We can all dream right?

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at Loughborough University London?

To do in depth research into accommodation. There are so many different options to choose from that it can get a little repetitive looking for places. Think of how long you realistically want to travel to get into University because honestly you will be in most days a week. I personally live in East London so a 35 minute door to door commute is very manageable, even to get in for a 9am start!

List at least one thing you wish you knew before arriving on campus

One thing I wish I knew before arriving would be the length of the journey from Stratford Underground station to campus. Looking at my commute prior to my first day I based it upon my journey time to the tube station presuming that campus would be very close. It’s actually a 20 min walk/ 10 min cycle. The walk/cycle is beautiful as you walk through the Olympic park, which is a great way to energise yourself before a day or unwind after a hectic day! Just be prepared so you’re not late!

How would you describe Enterprise Through the Curriculum?

A unique experience created by the University with the goal of fostering employability and experience in a professional context.

Give 3 reasons how Enterprise Through the Curriculum will benefit your future career

  1. The Assessment centre day, replicates an assessment centre utilised by most UK graduate employers. Getting to practice your skills in this professional environment is invaluable.
  2. The feedback received upon the Assessment Centre, video interview and online survey analyse your holistic performance. Identifying key strengths for you to sustain however specific points to work upon. The process ensures you reflect upon your skills and how to move forward.
  3. The Collaborative Project allows you to work within a multi-disciplinary sub team to work with a business or organisation located within London. The 12-week process teaches different teamwork techniques and how to utilise them in the partnership with your specific business. Practicing written, verbal and pitching skills only boosts your confidence!