Anak Na Bangxang

Anak Na Bangxang
Country / region
Graduated from
Manchester Metropolitan University
Excellence Scholarship

Anak is from Thailand and studies Sport Business and Innovation.

Why Loughborough University London

I believe that the university’s reputation with its various awards (such as 1st for Student Experience and Sport University of the Year) and its contributions to Olympic legacy for the last few years speak for itself. I personally love the campus! Being part of the Olympic Park and the legacy of the 2012 Olympic games, it is an extremely innovative, inspiring and beautiful campus to be in. And, of course, living in London is an opportunity of a lifetime. The sports degrees offered here have also got very interesting modules, and the concept of masters-only campus is quite intriguing.

What have you most enjoyed about your programme so far?

I have really enjoyed the class discussions so far; because of the geographical diversity in my class, the discussions have been very interesting. The guest lectures so far have been very impressive, I don’t think I could ask for anything better! Not only are the lectures interesting and informative, they also gave me a chance to connect with people in the industry that I want to go into, I've made so many connections in such a short amount of time.

What attracted you to the programme?

A chance to study in a specialised degree with a variety of modules available in Sport Business definitely attracted me to come to Loughborough University London. The endless possibilities of networking with people in the sporting industries through their connections was also a factor that convinced me to join this programme. Additionally, all the staff members are very knowledgeable, informative and extremely helpful whenever you need them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My ultimate goal is to use the knowledge I gain from the course to make a contribution to the sporting industry back in Thailand. I am particularly interested in working in the sport media, marketing or the football industry. However, I am keeping my options open if any other opportunities arise.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at Loughborough University London?

Being open-minded will definitely help you to settle here. Be ready to work hard, collaborate, speak up and take initiative. Talk to people, introduce yourself, get to know one and another; it’s a small (but very exclusive) community.

List at least one thing you wish you knew before arriving on campus?

This degree is not a marathon, it’s a series of sprints. It will challenge you physically and mentally.

How would you describe Enterprise Through the Curriculum?

I find it to be quite unique. Loughborough University London have put in a lot of effort to make this programme valuable, interesting and worthwhile.

Give 3 reasons how Enterprise Through the Curriculum will benefit your future career?

  1. It prepares you for the job interview processes – from practicing interviews, to a mock assessment centre. It gave me a glimpse of what these processes may look like.
  2. It helps you to reflect, evaluate and improve yourself in terms of your employability skills which should make you become more employable. Self-evaluation was also encouraged through completing the mock assessment centre day.
  3. Listening to the various guests and companies coming in as part of the programme may inspire you to do many great things in the future