Smiles Ehigie

Country / region
United Kingdom
Graduated from
University of East London
East London Community

Smiles Ehigie was a student at our Institute for Digital Technologies and also received the East London Community scholarship.

I’d say it really improved my cultural awareness. Working with people from a different cultures and learning to communicate when there’s a language barrier was invaluable.

What were your expectations from this role before you became an ambassador?

I expected to be an actively involved in every expect of the ambassador role such as talking to students at open days, conferences, or any other social events where Loughborough student ambassador are promoting what they do.

  • Provide ambassador with a suitably experienced and trained staff mentor
  • Offer ambassador relevant training opportunities
  • Provide the ambassador with a range of opportunities to support and / or deliver outreach activities in ways that are suited to their skills, interests and ambitions
  • Help the ambassador to develop their skills as their role progresses
  • Offer ambassadors opportunities to meet as a group along with more experienced student ambassadors
  • To help explain about what Loughborough University London can offer to their student’s, and what other potential students can expect to experience.

What kind of roles and events were you involved with as a student ambassador?


  • Acting as ambassadors for the student experience and Loughborough University London in particular
  • Providing positive role models to those thinking of studying at university
  • Supporting the smooth running of University events, such as open days and school visits to campus
  • Webchat to potential students (a session that allowed potentials students to ask questions of their concerns)
  • Campus tour / environment

What was the best thing about being a student ambassador?

There were so many take away lessons! Primarily, I’d say it really improved my cultural awareness. Working with people from a different cultures and learning to communicate when there’s a language barrier was invaluable. I learnt how to makes these people more comfortable in a practical sense; learning some of the language and trying to understand what was most important for them during their time at Loughborough University London.

How do you think this role has helped you?

Working as a Student Ambassador has help me to develop the 'Loughborough Attributes' such as:

  • Versatile team worker
  • Active participant
  • Caring, ethical and with integrity
  • Innovative and enterprising
  • Reliable and committed
  • Reaching potential
  • Resilient and adaptable
  • Reflective and articulate
  • Loughborough students and graduates have a reputation for having a wide range of positive attributes which employers are seeking for. I believed these skills are now inherent in me which will make me excel in my career path.

Describe what it is like to be a student ambassador in one word


How did you find balancing your role with other commitments such as your studies and social life?

It was challenging but I had a few simple tips that enable me create a balance that I need in my life. I have diary where all to do list are stored in device. Number one on my list is

Time management

This is where I outline all my activities i.e. Assignment due date, work schedule. I set aside some time for study in-between other commitments.

Stress level management

I tried to give myself time for relaxation 20 minutes uninterrupted at most every day. Attend important social events with family and friends. I like to also socialise but I always set my priorities straight! If I have deadline for any of my coursework or exam is coming this means missing a night out with friends, something of which I can always reschedule.

Most importantly I always let them know of my study and work commitments. So they understand if I need to postpone a social event.

Create goals!

Every week I always set myself achievable goals that keep my motivation on track. This has help me to get things done on time. For example, an assignment is due on Monday and there is a social event to go on weekend. I assure to finish the assignment by Friday, by working at it a little bit each evening throughout the week, so I can go to the party stress-free.

Keeping in mind the bigger picture!

When things start to get stressful and my work / study / life balance is feeling a bit off-kilter, I always remember that I am only human! Studying while working and maintaining family and social commitments is a challenging task, but I wouldn’t be taking it all on without strong reasons and motivation. My aim to get further ahead in my career, or just for the exciting challenge that work and study brings. I am very clear about my reasoning for taking on this challenge and know that it can be done — where others have succeeded, I can too!