Jane Qu

Jane Qu
Country / region
Graduated from
Nanchang University
Excellence Scholarship

Jane Qu is 26 and graduated from Nanchang University in China. Jane is studying in the Media and Creative Industries institute on a 20% excellence scholarship.

The best thing is I can share my experiences to others and help new students to know more about the study and life in Loughborough University London.

Why Loughborough University London?

The fact that this is Loughborough University and a top 5 university in the UK provides a great appeal. Loughborough University London is a brand new campus with international, professional, innovative and collaborative members and first class facilities. Based on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, LU London gives me a fantastic living and studying experience.

What have you most enjoyed about your programme so far?

The biggest surprise I got from my programme was the collaborative project. It gave me the opportunity to work with students from different countries and disciplines as well as corporate, real companies to solve a real life business case. It definitely enhanced my comprehensive abilities and practical skills.

What attracted you to the programme?

The media and creative industries course is an innovative programme, requiring lots of initiative. We have high quality teaching from people with creative experiences. I have met excellent professors who come from the main campus, as well as scholars who are from different countries and backgrounds. They all take the latest media knowledge and multiple perspectives of the creative industries and relay these to the students.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Once I have graduated from Loughborough University London, I would like to go back to China and find a cultural industry related job. I hope that I can get more experiences and then work to start my own business.

What were your expectations from this role before you became an ambassador?

When I was first heard the term of “student ambassador” I decided to apply this job. I thought it will be a great chance to involve in campus events as well as to increase my employability. I hoped through this role I can make new friends and give a hand to those people who need help. I expected to gain a meaningful and special life in Loughborough University London.

What kind of roles and events were you involved with as a student ambassador?

Until now I have done loads of student ambassador work. I attended several Webchat events and enjoyed the chatting time with prospected students; I helped the telephone campaign and said hello to a lot of prospected students; I took part in marketing events and shared my experience in Loughborough University London with International agencies; I served workshops and meetings which were held in this campus; I helped organizing campus tour for students who are on the pre-sessional English language course; and the most exciting job I think will be the orientation work during induction week.

What was the best thing about being a student ambassador?

The best thing is I can share my experiences to others and help new students to know more about the study and life in Loughborough University London.

How do you think this role has helped you?

It gave me more opportunities to communicate with local people as well as my colleagues who are from other disciplines, which on the one hand improved my speaking English; on the other hand developed my communication and interpersonal skills.

Describe what it is like to be a student ambassador in one word


How did you find balancing your role with other commitments such as your studies and social life?

There is no conflict between student ambassador work and my study and life. The work is not compulsory and every time we can get the schedule in advance and decide whether to do it or not. Moreover, I think it can rich my social life because we can attend many interesting events and contact with more different people.