Rick Ban

Country / region
Graduated from
Capital University of Economic and Business

Rick studied our MSc Sport Business and Innovation programme.

Before beginning his master's studies with the Institute for Sport Business, Rick was a a head hunter in HR industry.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

Loughborough University has the best sport-related subjects and I want to find a role in this field. So I made my desicion on studying at Loughborough University London.


What do you enjoy most about your programme?

My favourite module is Organisational Behaviors taught by Dr Holly Collison, but I also enjoyed the Sports Marketing module taught by Dr Andrea Geurin.


Describe a day in the life of a postgraduate student on your course.

I always get up early in the morning and attend the course. I try to engage with the lecturers to continue to practice and improve my critical thinking. There are always new thoughts and ideas being discussed with my classmates or teachers, so I'm always learning something new. I have to read a lot of materials to be able to reference them in my assessments.

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

I am a big e-sports fan, so I usually spend sometime to play games, especially LOL. Sometimes, I shoot some hoops with my friends on the court nearby. But the most interesting thing to me is going to the live house and enjoy the Rock'n'Roll music. I also spend a lot of my free time searching for vinyls.


Do you have any advice for students moving to London?

I would say try your best to be engaged in the activities in your classes. Do not afraid to make mistakes, just go for it and learn from mistakes.