Teresa (Hanzhi) Zhang

Hanzhi Zhang
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Teresa studied Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London.

Teresa now works at China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited as an IT Business Partner.

Why did you choose Loughborough University London and your programme in particular?

Loughborough University London met most of my requirements.

I was attracted by the Insitute of Media and Creative Industries because the courses offered met my academic requirements and ideals. My plan was to understand more about the real media industry, and theories from the humanities and social sciences. Also, due to my previous educational background, I am really fond of creative industries. Before I applied for the MA, I was comparing it with different course descriptions at other institutions but Loughborough University London was my favourite option.

Moreover, my great expectations for British culture meant I believed that I would prefer to study in the capital city. For example, being in London gave me fantastic opportunities to visit world-class museums many times.

How has Loughborough University London inspired you and helped you to progress in your career?

The quality and interesting courses offered at Loughborough University London have improved my academic curiosity. In multiple task processing, the high demands on myself have highly enhanced my self-study and problem-solving skills. They are very important skills for understanding new fields and developing my career.

When I studied at the London campus, I had diverse opportunities to communicate with different students and professors, which helped me to learn from others. In addition to academic communications, I have also sought help from career consultants several times. All members of staff are very patient, helpful, and friendly.

What was your favourite module on your course?

My most memorable module was Media and Creative Industries: Critical Perspectives.

This can be said to be my academic and media enlightenment. It had a crucial role in building my humanities and social science thinking system. I was impressed by the lectures that Professor Graham Murdock presented and he described the key points of Political Economy Communication in a way which could be easily understood.

Tell us about your career journey so far and the company/organisation you are currently working for.

My career development is determined by my interests and goals. When I was studying in the UK, I worked as a Visitor Experience Volunteer at the Royal Greenwich Museum.

I also focussed the topic of my dissertation on how my favorite magazine achieves Media Convergence from traditional to new media. As a result, I got an internship opportunity with this company and published articles on its new media platform (a WeChat public account)!

Most recently, I have just joined my new job which is the subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company and I am also assisting my friend with her start-up. I will be responsible for the new media operations of the business and I am looking forward to more challenges and opportunities.

What do you love the most about your current job?

I will have multiple opportunities to reach out to other businesses and Internet technologies.

I used to have experience in the insurance industry, and I hope to improve myself in more directions in the new working environment. I am especially looking forward to applying my problem-solving skills to strategic planning for a mature business company. In the future, I would like to explore more possibilities in the new media area, whether it be pure cultural content or in a business context.