In-person registration

To enrol at Loughborough, you must complete both online and in-person registration.

New students must complete online registration and in-person registration to enrol at our University. If you have confirmed your offer and met all of your conditions, you will receive an email invitation to complete online registration approximately 6 weeks before the start of term. After completing online registration, you must then attend an in person registration session to complete your enrolment.

In person registration

In light of the recent announcements, the University will not be offering in person registration as this time. When in person registration resumes, further information will be communicated to students.


25 January 2021 - 5 February 2021

A series of online activities will take place during the induction timetable to introduce you to Loughborough University London. Institute specific activities will introduce you to the field of study and cover basic concepts you will need throughout your studies.

IT Services induction

Our IT Services team in London are the central point of contact for staff and students seeking help, advice and support for all IT related services. They offer expert support and advice to help you get the most out of our services.

Our friendly and supportive IT Service Desk team can assist with:

  • Registration issues (passwords, accounts etc)
  • Computing advice and information
  • PC/Macintosh support service
  • Other support services for personal devices

Careers and employability service induction

The careers and employability team are on hand to help you get the best out of your Loughborough University London experience. The Future Space team induction sessions will cover:

  • The Future Space, your career and Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN)
  • How our Personal Best London programme can help you to invest in you personally and professionally and get ahead
  • How to connect to the programmes that connect you to opportunities (including Digital Skills, Collaborate etc.)
  • And introducing you to the Future Space community.

Welfare induction

Your Welfare Support team in London consists of Olly Swanton (Student Support Manager) and Fran Ahtuam (Senior Support Officer – Counselling and Disability Service). They are available to talk through any University related or personal issue you may be having and can support you with any issue you may be having and help you to access any other relevant support services.

Teaching Week One

To help students transition from either undergraduate studies or full-time work to postgraduate studies, we have developed a number of activities to get our students into the 'Learning Mindset'. The activities will take place within your institute in the first week of teaching and examine the learning mindsets that lead to successful postgraduate study.

These activities may include:

  • Academic integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Reflective writing
  • Cultural awareness (online/ face-face follow up sessions)
  • And a reflective essay

Within the first two weeks of your studies, you will also be required to meet with your personal tutor online as part of your induction activities. This will allow your academic personal tutor to refer you to onto services (such as mentoring/ workshops) as and when required to further your skills and support your career goals.