Sport Business

Current research

The Institute for Sport Business incorporates an interdisciplinary team of researchers with a shared interest in the growth and impact of the sport business industry.

The major research problem that the Institute for Sport Business seeks to address is the hyper-commodification of sport and its impact on society.

In addressing this problem, the Institute for Sport Business maintains a focus on three key areas of research:

Leadership and Change

  • The relationship between leadership, change and the development of cultures of innovation in sport organisations
  • Investigating the role of workplace emotion for strengthening employee commitment in sport organisations
  • Barriers and facilitators of women in key leadership positions in sport organisations
  • Characteristics and behaviours that women leaders have taken form practising sport

Innovation and Enterprise

  • Efficacy of Rugby Sevens High Performance Programmes (funded by World Rugby)
  • Inter-institute study on the use of 3D multi-cast technology for sports casts
  • The relationship between leadership, identification, and employee well-being in professional sport environments
  • Developing an economic estimate of the broader social benefits associated with club-based organised community sport in Australia

Social Responsibility

  • Regulating athlete behaviour, promoting integrity and preventing corruption in sport