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Case studies

A closed sign on a door

Elephant & Castle shopping centre faces re-development. But what of its Latin American residents?

Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez discusses the impact of the Elephant & Castle shopping centre redevelopment on the local community.

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Passports and a stamper on a table

Why Do People Move Countries? Global Warming?

Toby Miller discusses the motivation behind migration across the globe.

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Toby Miller

How to study television

Toby Miller explores the changing nature of television studies.


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three children looking through plastic bags of electronic waste

How to deal with electronic waste?

Toby Miller discusses electronic waste, the trade in e-waste and what happens after recycling.

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a bundle of computer cables

The problems with 'you' and your media

Toby Miller discusses the 'throwaway culture' as he argues that we live in an age of waste in which our growth-centered industriousness is inexorably disposing of the world and us with it.


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a desk with an iMac, laptop and tablet computer

The problems and possibilities of social media

A strange twist in the American psyche revolves around the politics of personal.


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a computer keyboard

Taking Egoism Out of Consumerism

By Toby Miller via Psychology Today.

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a computer circuit board

When Solidarity Guides Consumption

Egoism and consumerism vs. solidarity and sustainability, part 2.

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shopping trolley and a pile of rubbish


Toby Miller discusses the lessons that can be drawn from cybertarianism.

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a woman using a smart phone

Who invented your phone?

Toby Miller discusses how 'laissez-faire entrepreneurialism meeting consumer demand has been the basis for the new digital economy'.

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an image of a sphere with photos of people on it

Data Barons and Digital Sneaks

Toby Miller discusses what happens when our digital culture creates unforseen social liabilities and clashes with rival social values.

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a distant view of a city

On the road to somewhere

Toby Miller discusses what we can learn about media studies from Colombia and Mexico.

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a computer desktop with social media apps

Social or Anti-Social Media?

Toby Miller asks if social media is really helping people to make sense of the world around them and be more engaged with politics and community.

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The Hollywood sign

Hollywood's Diversity Problem

Toby Miller discusses how inequality links higher education, environmental activism and Hollywood.

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an American flag flying on a flag pole

Will We Have a Green Presidency in 2016?

Toby Miller discuss what the candidates of the 2016 US presidential elections have to say about the environment. He argues that we need passion with policy, ideas without ideology, intelligence with initiative.

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Close up of hands using a smart phone

Cancer and Cellphones in the News - it's complicated!

Toby Miller discusses the latest scientific study about the links of cellphone radiation and cancer.

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