Diplomacy and International Governance


The publications of the Academy attempt to integrate theoretical and professional approaches to the practice of diplomacy and explore their relevance to specific economic, strategic and foreign policy issues of concern to the global diplomatic community and multinational corporations.

Articles In Books

Rethinking Strategic Public Diplomacy: the Role of the Social Media”, Central European Initiative, Dubrovnik Diplomatic Forum, Croatian Diplomatic Academy Proceedings, 2012; “Response to Franco Frattini - Significant Issues for Global Security; Role of NATO”, Link Campus University , Rome May 2012

“Threats to Global Security from Terrorism: Intelligence Services and Non-State Actors” in The Impact of Technology on Intelligence and Security. Edited by Nabil Ayad, The Diplomatic Academy of London Press, 2006

“Information Technology and the Future of Diplomatic Training,” in Diplomacy beyond 2000, edited with Sir Peter Marshall, University of Westminster Press, 1999

“Information Technology and Diplomatic Training: The Hydra in a Mutating Environment,” in Are Diplomats Really Necessary? Edited with Sir Peter Marshall, University of Westminster Press, 1999

“The Information Explosion and the Future of Diplomatic Training,” in The Information Explosion: A Challenge for Diplomacy, edited with Sir Peter Marshall, University of Westminster Press, 1999

Other Publications

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