Smart Systems

The Smart Systems theme encompasses the intelligent control of soft and physical systems by way of sensing, perceiving, predicting future events and reacting on the sensed data.

The specific research areas include:

  • Advanced signal processing to handle massive multi-dimensional and multi-modal sensor data generated in real-time
  • Intelligent perception to understand, organise and prioritise the sensed data to deduce the system status at a given time
  • Intelligent mission planning and reacting to status changes, by optimising the system resources to achieve goals under imposed constraints

Smart Systems have important application areas such as

  • Heterogeneous networks, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Ubiquitous healthcare and wellbeing (personal assistance)
  • Energy-efficient systems, such as manufacturing
  • Immersive and user-centric entertainment
  • Environmental noise and pollution control
  • Intelligent mobility
Smart Systems illustration