VISNET I and II: Networked audiovisual media technologies

VISNET I & II were the two European Union IST FP6 funded Network of Excellence (NoE) projects, which aimed at achieving the NoE mission of creating a sustainable world force in Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies for 5 years and beyond (December 2003 - June 2009).

VISNET NoEs had a clear vision for integration, joint research, and dissemination plans. The first VISNET brought together 15 and the second VISNET 12 leading European organisations from numerous countries in the field of Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies, and they integrated over 100 researchers, with a grand total budget of €14.2M over 5 years. Both projects were coordinated by the I-Lab team (the current members of the IDT at Loughborough University London).

In addition to the in-theme and cross-theme integration and dissemination/spreading of excellence objectives, the joint research activities within both VISNET NoEs covered 3 major thematic areas related to networked 2D/3D audiovisual systems and home platforms:

  • Video Coding – Advanced video coding techniques to enable rich visual services

  • Audiovisual Media Processing – Media processing for networking, personalised and seamless access to audiovisual content, and audiovisual media analysis

  • Security – Distributed and secure access platforms for cross network delivery and access/retrieval of audiovisual content.

The cross-theme integration was performed within the context of two specific application scenarios, namely video surveillance and virtual collaboration application scenarios.