SUIT: Scalable Ultra Fast and Interoperable Interactive Television

SUIT was a European Union IST FP6 funded Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP), which brought together 10 leading European research and technology partners from 7 European countries. It had a total budget of €4.5M for 27 months (February 2006 – April 2008).

The project aimed to develop a working demonstrator for interactive scalable video over multiple wireless broadcast systems.

The project utilised the Scalable Video Codec (SVC) to produce digital video adaptable to wireless channel conditions and various terminal capabilities. A return channel was used for interactivity, and multiple description coding was used to enhance the robustness of video delivery.

The wireless bearers considered were provided by a mixture of DVB-T/H, WiMAX and WLAN. The I-Lab team (the current members of the Institute of Design Technologies at Loughborough University London) contributed actively to a number of research and development tasks in the scheduled work programme.