SAFE: Secure and Usable IoT Ecosystem

The SAFE project aims at deploying Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms to interact with people who require continuous healthcare assistance.

The deployment covers two different geographical regions with two vertical IoT platforms customised for socio-cultural differences. The project will develop an end-to-end secure and privacy-preserving data collection and processing framework to comply with local regulations. To truly enable interoperability and to harness the benefits of IoT, a trusted horizontal framework will be developed to aggregate the sensed data from different IoT platforms semantically; hence, this ecosystem can be used to develop novel applications to empower the user and communities without violating their privacy rights.

This is a collaborative research project funded by the British Council's UK-India Education Research Initiative, between the Institute for Digital Technologies of Loughborough University London and IIT Kharagpu (India), and is supported by the City University of London, eSmart Saving Ltd (UK), and India Institute of Medical Sciences.

This is a three-year project starting on 1 April, 2017.