Design Practice

In this research area we invite proposals for two lines of enquiry:


Collaborative Design Practices

We invite proposals that have a focus on shifting trends in organising design, and the related emergence of globally networked organisations, provide the context for this research project. The key aim of the project is to explore the challenges and opportunities arising from distributed cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams in terms of the product development process and its outcomes.

...'Working globally and in partnership (both remotely and face to face) with overseas designers and suppliers will require language and communication skills that go way beyond current needs, while designing in, and for, different cultures and contexts will stretch designers' abilities and methodologies to the limits.'


Creative and Collaborative Teamwork

We invite proposals that have a focus on creative and collaborative teamwork and developing an enhanced understanding of teams. We currently examine cognitive capacities and mechanisms in team knowledge processing, and our aim is to further develop our understanding on how teams integrate knowledge, and how this integration affects team performance outcomes.

It is expected that are candidates are interested in research on creative and collaborative teamwork and team knowledge integration. Successful candidates are expected to have completed relevant studies in the field of Social Psychology, Management, Organizational Behaviour, or a related field, have an interest in applying their knowledge to the design context, demonstrate excellent academic performance, and be experienced in applying different research methods (e.g. you have attended methodological courses, or obtained a research master degree).