Wick Wednesday - Mikko Koria

Loughborough University London

Professor Mikko Koria at a desk

Professor Mikko Koria will kick off Loughborough University London's first in a series of public lectures as part #WickWednesday.

We invite you to come and be part of designing the future as Loughborough University London kicks off its series of #WickWednesday talks with an introduction to design innovation from Professor Mikko Koria, Director of the Institute for Design Innovation.

This is the first in a series of talks looking at innovation and entrepreneurship as drivers for change in the modern world. Academics from Loughborough University London will lead these talks over the next 12 months.

Refreshments will be served from 5pm.

About the public lecture

Humanity has designed ever since the very first day it picked up a stick and shaped it into a tool.

Design today is about new products, services and operational models. It has created preferred and desirable solutions and value on multiple levels for users, organisations, the ecosystem and society at large. It has linked human creativity to new, useful and diffusible ideas, enabling innovation and potential well-being for many.

Design helps to create the future, and thus to see, acknowledge and implement the changes needed to get there.

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