State, Firms, and Innovations

Loughborough University London

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A research and networking event for academics, students and practitioners interested in how the governments influence businesses and innovation activities.

Workshop Announcement and Call for Papers

State, Firms, and Innovations” workshop hosted by Loughborough University London.


Anna Grosman (Loughborough University London, UK)

Ilya Okhmatovskiy (Nova SBE, Portugal)

Gerhard Schnyder (Loughborough University London, UK)


Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Northeastern University, USA)

Anna Grosman (Loughborough University London, UK)

Aldo Musacchio (Brandeis University, USA)

Sergio Lazzarini (Ivey Business School, Canada)*

Pei Sun (University of Manchester, UK)

Geoffrey Wood (Western University, Canada)


This workshop will include keynote presentations, panel discussions, paper presentations, and paper development roundtables. The target audience of the workshop are management scholars interested in understanding how the government influences businesses and innovations.

With this workshop, we will bring together established scholars and young researchers exploring this topic. The roundtable paper discussions will provide an opportunity for doctoral students and early career academics to receive feedback on their work in progress. While we encourage the potential participants to submit their working papers, it also would be possible to attend this workshop without having a paper accepted for presentation.

The financial support for this workshop is provided by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS).

The workshop takes place a day before the start of the Strategic Management Society conference that takes place in London on September 17-20, 2022 to facilitate the travel by the participants, but it is not an SMS extension conference. The workshop will be held at Loughborough University London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is a convenient 20-minute subway ride from the centre of London.

Invited submissions

Our intention is to discuss to what extent state capitalism is compatible with innovative strategies. Here are some examples of research questions that could be addressed in submissions to this workshop:

How do state-owned companies innovate and what incentives do they have?

How does privileged access to state resources boost or hamper innovations?

What are the antecedents of successful state intervention in promoting innovative business activities?

How do different tools of state intervention affect firms’ innovative activities?

What forms of state-business collaborations help or hinder innovation?

Which factors improve the outcomes of public-private collaborative efforts to generate innovations?

Key dates

Deadline to submit papers / proposals: 28 July 2022

Decisions communicated to authors of submitted papers / proposals: 1 August 2022

Registration deadline: 28 August 2022

Workshop at Loughborough University London: 16 September 2022

Submission format

We welcome submissions in the following formats:


How to submit

Submissions and related inquiries can be sent by email to the workshop organizers:

Anna Grosman 
Ilya Okhmatovskiy 
Gerhard Schnyder

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