Narrative in Live Sports Broadcasting with BT Sport

Loughborough University London

BT Sport studio

Join BT Sport's Live Match Director, Sean Hughes, as he gives a unique insight into live commentary and storytelling in sport.

Live sports broadcasting is the longest unscripted drama on television. Players, managers and fans play a key role in delivering the story of the game, with no script or predetermined outcome. With millions of pounds riding on every move, the story of sport can change in a second.
Launched in 2013, BT Sport has been bringing Premiership Football, Rugby and WTA Tennis to British television screens since its inception. In 2015, BT Sport acquired the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in the UK. Since then,  the organisation has pioneered a number of innovations to the narration and storytelling of sport. The BT Sport App, UHDTV and Dolby Atmos deliver a first-rate visual and sonic experience.
Alongside these innovations, BT Sport has brought new voices to commentary and given live match directors more angles and freedom to tell the story. One of those directors is Sean Hughes. Before joining BT Sport, Sean spent over 15 years with the BBC. Sean has directed a number of live Champions League games and has a unique insight into how stories are constructed both before and during the game.
Join us for an evening with Sean Hughes, as we examine narrative in televised sport. We will examine Champions League games such as Bayern Munich V Arsenal, Barcelona V Manchester City and much more. If you enjoy sport commentary, sport broadcasting or if you have an interest in the business of Sport, this insightful event is for you.
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