Movement with Meaning: Dance, Identity, Knowledge

Virtual event


An online event with film and discussion exploring how dance produces meaning for audiences and dancers.

Through discussion and film, this online event will explore how dance produces meaning for audiences and dancers. Engaging with Kathak, ballet, contemporary dance and vernacular dance forms, it will consider dance's intersections with memory, migration and identity, both individual and collective. Drawing on Arianna Maiorani's recently published Kinesemiotics: Modelling How Choreographed Movement Means in Space, and the forthcoming Bodies of Knowledge book, edited by Radar's Producer Laura Purseglove, it will bring together dancers, choreographers, artists and academics to consider how dance uses the body - and how bodies use dance - to tell stories about who we are, have been, and might become. It will also explore methods that might be used to derive meanings from dance.

The event will feature Arianna Maiorani introducing themes from her book Kinesemiotics, published by Routledge in 2020. Drawing on her work with English National Ballet, it offers a new adaptable model and means of analysis for understanding forms of movement-based communication, such as dance, that use a codified language shared by a community of users. Following this, there will be a screening of Sam Williams + Joe Moran's short film The Injunction, produced using footage from workshops exploring embodied knowledge with dancers and wrestlers. Contributors to Bodies of Knowledge will then draw on their experiences as dancers, choreographers, researchers and artists working with or with dancers to explore how dancers of various forms combine personal and collective histories, memories, identities and hopes.

For full details on the contributors to this event please go to the Radar event page.

This is a Radar event. Radar is LU Arts’ contemporary art programme, where we invite artists to produce new work in response to, and as part of, research undertaken across Loughborough University's two campuses.

Photo credit: Still from The Injunction by Sam Mackenzie + Joe Moran.

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