Media, new technologies and development in Latin America: political, social and economic perspectives

City, University of London (Day 1) and Loughborough University London (Day 2)

On 4 and 5 July 2019 is a two-day conference on 'Media, new technologies and development in Latin America: political, social and economic perspectives' at City, University of London and Loughborough University London.

In an age of increasing media concentration and commercialisation, how can we envision a role for the media in development and for democracy? How can networked communications be better used by social movements, civil society and other marginalized groups who encounter difficulties in having a voice in the public sphere? How can ICTs (information and communication technologies) be used for development? How are feminist NGOs and women’s groups at present making use of communication tools and technologies to shape policy and pursue social change at a global and local level? What are some of the theoretical frameworks on communications and social change that we need to revisit? What are the more appropriate methodologies to study communication for social change (CSC) in the digital era? 

These are some of the many questions that this workshop seeks to address. Our keynote speeches will be delivered by:

  • Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse (Mellichamp Professor of Global Studies and Sociology at University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Professor Thomas Tufte (Director for the Institute for Media and Creative Industries)
  • Professor Toby Miller (Professor in Media and Creative Industries)
  • Ana Carolina Escosteguy (Professor of Gender and Media at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil). 
  • Thea Pitman (Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies, University of Leeds)
  • Jair Vega Casanova (Professor of Communications, Universidad del Norte in Colombia)

This event is a pre-conference to the IAMCR World Conference for Media and Communication Scholars that is taking place in Madrid between 7-11 July 2019. 

You can find further details of the event here

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