Latin American Media & Changing Cities: Power, Inequality & Representation

TBC, Loughborough University London

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Join our Institute for Media and Creative Industries' workshop,' Latin American Media & Changing Cities: Power, Inequality & Representation'. All are welcome.

The purpose of this workshop on urban inequalities and media spaces is to challenge the geographical and media centric focus currently dominating most urban communication research, whereby the relationship between communication, media and places is mostly approached in terms of representation rather than as experiences that are politically charged.

Our first speaker, Jessica Retis, will be talking about changing media production landscapes in global cities and the latinization of US media. Whilst Alejandra Garcia Vargas asks: What does it mean to be placed at the margins, both physically and emotionally? What is the relationship between borders, migration, periphery, and senses of the city in a highly deterritorialised and politicised media and social experience? Finally our third speaker, Patria Roman-Velazquez looks at expressions of Latin Urbanism under contexts of regeneration as a strategic tool for opposing and reshaping urban spaces in London. Drawing a range of theoretical frameworks in a long tradition of Latin American urban communication research the speakers will address these questions from a dialogic and intersectional perspective.

Latin American spaces are not confined to the geographical boundaries that define the geo-political region. The construction of Latin American diasporic spaces is equally important for us in this dialogue across Latin American cities. It is a personal and political position that we as academics based across three very different geo-political territories (London, UK; Los Angeles, USA; and Jujuy, Argentina) have had to confront on a daily basis. The context of our work, from the metropolitan experiences of diasporic cities to the peripheral cities in Latin America, have allowed us to bring different perspectives to the study of urban communication research in the global north and vice versa.

This panel follows a first academic encounter held in the city of Madrid on 5 of May, 2015, when researchers from Latin America and Europe exchanged ongoing research findings on media and the city. That symposium (Diálogos sobre comunicación y ciudad: recorridos urbanos, migraciones y tercer sector) was the first of a series of dialogues proposed by a network of academics interested in examining and understanding current trends in communication, media and the city. This upcoming June 20th researchers from the Americas and Europe reunite again to advance the discussion on media spaces and urban inequalities in times of crisis.

All are welcome to attend. Please register your place using the link below. 

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