Q&A with Dr Kathi Kitner

Future Space (Ground Floor), Loughborough University London

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Hear from Dr Kathi Kitner, research fellow and anthropologist at Google, on Thursday 5 December 2019.

Organised by the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough University London will welcome Dr Kathi Kitner on to campus to discuss her career experiences and encourage you to think about your successes and career in a resilient way. Kathi will share her experiences of getting a job in industry, and provide you with the opportunity to ask her questions. The talk will start at 5pm, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes early.

About Dr Kathi Kitner

Dr Kathi Kitner has been a research fellow and anthropologist at Google since 2017. She is currently engaged in a short-term project with Google.org and the non-profit WattTime helping to design a system of AI/ML using satellite imagery to monitor carbon emissions globally. Kitner’s research is exploring the linked cultural context of both established NGOs and local activist groups who might use such data to push for change in local and global climate change policy for mitigation and adaptation.

Her regular role is as a lead user experience researcher in Google Payments, focusing on how people around the world use and think about money in all its manifestations and linkages. She has most recently carried out foundational research in Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, Singapore and Thailand. She uses a mixed method approach to carry out foundational research to uncover the social and political histories of a place, and poses questions about the role of gender in the household economy, and how the structures of class and ethnicity influence the creation and maintenance of human economies.

Before her time at Google, Dr Kitner held a similar position for almost 13 years at Intel Corporation in their research labs. Previous to working in the tech sector, Dr Kitner was employed by the US government as a fisheries anthropologist in the Southeastern US and the Caribbean.

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