Is London Calling Brexit?

Enterprise Zone (Reception); LDN.1.04 (Lecture), Loughborough University London

Two flags representing Brexit

On Thursday 8th November, Dr Tim Oliver will launch his new book 'Understanding Brexit: A Concise Introduction' with a panel discussion about Brexit and London.

Organised by the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, this event will discuss 'What does London mean for Brexit and Brexit mean for London?'.

As the UK’s most important and distinct region, what Brexit means for London and London means for Brexit will be a crucial aspect of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Brexit could shape the future of the City, affect the lives of millions of Londoners, and change the place of London as both the UK’s capital city and a world city. 

There will be a reception between 6-7pm, with the panel discussion starting at 7pm. 

Speakers include: 

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