International Development Round table


What is the relevance of studying international development today?

Traditional ways of understanding International Development, which draw primarily on Western ideas, practice and interests, have been widely seen to have further disempowered peoples and communities in the Global South rather than increasing their agency and prosperity. How is and should international development evolve into the future? What kinds of graduates are needed for a more just and sustainable world?

To celebrate the launch of new Master’s level international development programmes, Loughborough University will host a round table involving a series of renowned international development practitioners and scholars who will debate the relevance of International Development in our current age. Speakers will reflect on the best ways to conceive International Development in order to empower the Global South.


Shereen Usdin, Soul City Institute for Social Justice

Lin Sambili , Commonwealth Secretariat

Dainalyn Swaby, Alumni of Loughborough University London

Colin McQuistan, Practical Action


Ksenia Chmutina, Loughborough University

Thomas Tufte, Loughborough University London

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