Interface: Artist Sarah Selby in conversation with Daniel Chadash (Twist Bioscience)

Virtual event


Join us for this discursive event with artist Sarah Selby and Daniel Chadash from Twist Bioscience in Miami.

In this discursive event, University digital artist in residence Sarah Selby will discuss her artwork, which she is in the process of realising after a year of research and development, alongside Daniel Chadash from Twist Bioscience in Miami.

Sarah’s new work will use DNA data storage to encode stories and experiences of the diverse communities of Loughborough into synthetic DNA, which will then be embedded within pen ink and written into a new charter or manifesto for the University. To achieve her ambition she has been working with Daniel Chadash.

Daniel will cover the science behind DNA data storage, the work Twist has been doing and the potential applications of the technology. Sarah will then discuss her artwork, the concept behind it and the creation process.

Daniel co-founded Genome Compiler to democratize synthetic biology and enable scientists to focus on real science by giving them innovative software tools. Daniel was the VP Product of Genome Compiler before it was acquired by Twist Bioscience in 2016. At Twist, Daniel led the digital products and business systems and created a true end-to-end digital DNA e-commerce system to allow Twist to scale its business. Since late 2019 Daniel is leading the commercial side of Twist's DNA Data Storage product, including the product aspects and business development. Daniel is one of the founders of the DNA Data Storage Alliance that was launched in 2020 to accelerate the adoption and awareness of DNA as a storage medium.


This event is part of Interface: a week of discussions and events that showcase interdisciplinary practice. Individual events are listed on the LU Arts website.


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