Interface: Creatures of the Lines (first cut and discussion)

Virtual event


A screening of the first cut of Sonia Levy's Radar commissioned film.

Creatures of the Lines is a stunning new film by the artist Sonia Levy, working in collaboration with the anthropologist Heather Swanson. It explores how the desire for economic growth and linear progress has produced straightened forms in England’s watery landscapes, and asks what risks are associated with the conversion of once-curvy and braided worlds into a linearised landscape. The film has been developed through a number of conversations with academics from Loughborough University's departments of Geography and Environment, and English.

This event will combine a screening of the film’s first cut with a conversation led by Levy and Swanson connecting its form to the issues it explores. This conversation will inform the film’s final edit, to be developed across the summer and autumn of 2021.

The work has been commissioned for Radar’s Risk Related project and Aarhus University’s Ecological Globalisation Group. It features an original score by Georgia Rodgers and sound by Jez riley French.


This event is part of Interface: a week of discussions and events that showcase interdisciplinary practice. Individual events are listed on the LU Arts website.


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