Inspiring Success Workshop - Networking and Interview training


Loughborough University London

Session two of our Inspiring Success Workshop programme.

In this session, participants will focus on networking and how to build relationships to further your career, alongside preparing for interviews.

About Inspiring Success

Inspiring Success is a two-part initiative, designed to provide employability support and funding for unemployed or underemployed graduates from the East London Growth Boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

Stage one: employability workshop series

The first method of guidance and support is offered through a series of evening workshops which have been designed to encourage graduates to develop new skills, reflect on their experiences and market themselves to potential employers. The workshops cover topics such as positive thinking and the significance of mindset and resilience in the context of job hunting or career progression. Sessions will include practical networking opportunities with employers such as BT Sport, Here East and Morgan Stanley.

Please note: the Inspiring Success programme will be delivered digitally in 2021 – all advertised workshops will be available through online webinars.

Inspiring Success workshops

Date Time Details
23 June 2021 5-7.30pm Welcome and introduction
29 June 2021 5-7.30pm Networking and Interview training
30 June 2021 5-7.30pm Speed Interviews
7 July 2021 5-7pm Community celebration

Stage two: 100% tuition fee scholarship

At the end of the workshop series, suitable participants can apply to be considered for a 100% tuition fee scholarship to study a master's programme at Loughborough University London. Up to ten scholarships will be awarded to eligible applicants every year. To apply for the scholarship, you must have applied for your preferred master's programme and must be in receipt of an offer.

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