IMCI Speakers' Series - Antonella Poce

LDN.3.23, Loughborough University London

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How to promote and develop a collective and critical inclusive memory in the museum

Organised by The Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London, the Fall 2019-20 Speakers' Series will bring together researchers from across a wide range of interdisciplinary fields in order to address timely and pertinent questions in media and the creative industries.

About the Event

How to promote and Develop a Collective and Critical Inclusive Memory in the Museum

The Centre for Museum Studies (CDM), based at Roma Tre University Dept. of Education and led by Professor Antonella Poce, has been involved in Critical Thinking (CT) assessment research studies and Museum Education for several years. During this Research Seminar, Prof. Antonella Poce will talk about her research on Critical Thinking in the context of Cultural Heritage Education. Research lines concerning the relation between CT, museum and social inclusion will be presented. In particular, Professor Poce will describe the results of the “Inclusive Memory” Project aimed at fostering the construction of a shared and collective social memory through an inclusive system within the museum

Pedagogical implications for a CT education will be formulated, with a specific focus on the positive impact of cultural heritage and literature fruition, and individual and collaborative writing activity supported by the use of digital technology.

About the Speaker

Antonella Poce is Associate Professor in Experimental Pedagogy at the University Roma Tre – Department of Education, where she teaches “Writing Methodologies and Techniques in Education “, “Experimental Pedagogy and scholastic assessment”, “Research Methodology in Education” and “Experimentalism, Museum, Reading”.

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