IIE Seminar: Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco

Virtual event

Image of seminar teaching.

In this seminar, Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco from Oxford Brookes will present a paper co-authored with Chay Brooks on “Entrepreneurship as an Experiment in Living”.

Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco is a Lecturer in Business & Management at the Oxford Brookes Business School and Affiliate Fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute at the New York University School of Law.

His research interests span from political philosophy to business ethics and entrepreneurship theory, with a particular focus on informal institutions (i.e. conventions, moral and social norms).

No booking is required. You can join the virtual seminar through the link below.

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Summary of “Entrepreneurship as an Experiment in Living” You can view a summary of Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco's paper, co-authored with Chay Brooks, on “Entrepreneurship as an Experiment in Living” here.