IDIG-POLIS Symposium

LDN.3.23, Loughborough University London

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The Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance (IDIG) at Loughborough University London and the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at Loughborough University are holding a series of joint symposia to exchange ideas and develop research.

The symposia will take place at both Loughborough's London campus and the East Midlands campus, with the first taking place at Loughborough University London on 24 October 2019.

The symposium will consist of two main presentations, delivered by:

Dr. Chris Zebrowski (POLIS), Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, will explore Governing Traumatic Memory: How gender and emotion figure within military mental resilience training programmes.
Discussant: Prof. Helen Drake (IDIG)

Dr. Cristian Nitoiu (IDIG), Lecturer in Diplomacy and International Governance, will discuss Non-Western approaches to resilience in the world order: the cases of China, India and Russia.
Discussant: Dr. Nicola Chelotti (IDIG)

All are welcome to attend.