IDIG PHD Conference- Opportunities and Challenges for the Future of Global Diplomacy and Governance

Online and LDN 1.04

The conference is a half-day program curated by PhD students belonging to the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance to present the challenges of diplomacy in the coming years.

(13:00-13:25) – Opening Remarks on the State of Affairs in Diplomacy and Governance by the Director of the Institute – Prof. Helen Drake

IDIG Doctoral Researchers’ presentations:

(13:45-14:00) Dyah Widiastuti - Societal Actors & Foreign Policy in A Young Democracy Context: The Case of Indonesia

(14:05-14:20) Viktoriia Startseva - First Lady diplomacy in Ukraine in war times, 2014-2022

(14:25 – 14:40) Neil Mortimer - Pragmatic Policymaking in times of Crisis: From COVID to the Climate

(14:45 – 15:00) Massimo D’Angelo - Authoritarianism Going Global: which democratic response?

(15:05 – 15:20) Andrew Hegarty - Regional Innovation Ecosystems as Emergent Diplomatic Actors

(15:25 – 15:40) Alicja Prochinak - How the political myth of Intermarium, operating at the official level rhetoric, determined the direction of Polish foreign policy

(15:45 – 16:25) Keynote speaker: Prof. James Ker-Lindsay, London School of Economics and Political Science

“How to tell diplomacy to a non-expert audience: from the Foreign Office to YouTube Channel”

Conclusive remarks Prof. Helen Drake

(16:30 – 17:30) Refreshments

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