Future Space Hack with DePaul University Chicago and Global Disability Innovation Hub

Loughborough University London campus

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Calling all Loughborough University London students. Do you like meeting new people from around the world? Working in a team? Creating things that will change the world? Do you want to gain experience that you can place directly on your CV?

If the answer is yes to all (or any) of these questions, you should join the Future Space and Loughborough Enterprise Network Accessibility hack with DePaul University Chicago, and Global

Disability Innovation Hub

So what is it all about?

This hackathon will explore disability innovation from a new perspective. You will form a new team with students from Loughborough and DePaul. You will learn and begin to understand a real challenge. You'll create, test, prototype and present your ideas for the chance to win a prize.

Loughborough University London are teaming up with friends at DePaul university and the Global Disability Innovation Hub to look at how we make the world more accessible. Rethinking how we live our lives is at the heart of this hack. But more importantly we want you to look at how we hardwire accessible solutions into new technologies.

Join a team of likeminded students and look to create solutions to a real-life problem.

What is a Hackathon:

The term Hackathon was originally used by computer programmers to describe a group of programmers working together over a short time frame to solve a technical problem. Future Space Hackathons are similar in that they involve students coming together to build solutions to real world issues. We give you a big problem. We help you to form teams. You collaboratively develop a solution from scratch.

How does it work?

We will bring you together and outline the problem. We will help you to build a team. You will meet and discuss the challenge with organisations and people who face or experience the challenge. You will work on a solution which you will pitch back to a panel of experts.

What help is there on the day?

Future Space and Loughborough Enterprise Network mentors will be on hand throughout the day. Teams will be introduced to problem solving tools and given quick skills workshops to support the development of their ideas.

Why should I come?

Hackathons are a practical way to develop your skills. It will help you to build your problem solving, teamwork, research and presentation skills. You will also get to meet students from across Loughborough University London and DePaul univeristiy. The winning team will also pitch to get their idea off the ground.

Attending an event like this will be invaluable if;

  1. You want to start your own business or…
  2. Work in a business or organisation
  3. You want to join a great community and have fun. It really is an opportunity not to be missed

Simply put, turn up network, join a team, research the problem, generate solutions and pitch them to win

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