ECHO Digital Skills Workshops: How to Master Digital Marketing for your Small Business

Online Event

Echo, in partnership with Loughborough University London's Digital Skills programme, are delivering a series of workshops where London-based businesses can access lots more free support.

Join Pete Walter, founder of Buzzramp, on this practical 5-hour course, designed to give a thorough understanding of how to best use digital marketing to fill your funnel with leads and transform this new audience into paying customers.

For a lot of businesses of this size, marketing can often seem confusing and time-consuming. It also is often perceived as being 'pushy' or 'salesy' but this course will help to change all those perceptions.

Also, a lot of people in smaller businesses shy away from marketing because there's so many options and opinions out there and it can seem overwhelming.

But it doesn't - and shouldn't - have to be like that. Just following a few simple principles and setting aside a bit of time regularly for marketing will take the stress out of it and help anyone improve.

In this workshop, Pete will show you how to prioritise and get the most important work done quickly, and how that will naturally lead to an everyday marketing plan that works for your small business.

This workshop is aimed at people who are running their own small business or startup. You know the value of good marketing but have very limited or no marketing expertise yourself.

This course is specifically designed for small businesses who are registered companies (with a company number) and is tailored towards your specific needs. You must have a company number to join this workshop and will need to provide this to attend.

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