Digital Women UK: Tackling the myths of money, self care and the Imposter Syndrome II

Loughborough University London

Digital Women UK poster

Join Digital Women UK as they celebrate the second anniversary of their impactful workshop 'Tackling the myths of money, self care and the Imposter Syndrome' as part of their Missing in Action: Women and Digital Enterprise in the UK programme. The workshop is aimed at women creatives and inspiring entrepreneurs.

This full day event will provide a creative, reflective and dynamic space for female creatives, women in tech and budding and emerging entrepreneurs, to explore internal barriers (and myths) around their personal and professional relationship with money, their definitions of self care and the impact of the so-called ‘Imposter Syndrome’.
An exciting and experienced group of practitioners will lead experiential workshops and interactive talks, giving you the chance to share ideas, collaborate, problem-solve and leave with useful tools to apply to your personal and professional lives. 
Speakers and workshop facilitators include:
• Joy Francis, Words of Colour Productions and Digital Women UK
Dr Angela Martinez Dy, Loughborough University London
• Natalie Lue, founder, Baggage Reclaim 
• Mindy Kaur, founder, ESHQROCK
• Leslie Brownbridge, mindfulness facilitator and writer
• Philomena Francis, art psychotherapist and psychoanalyst
Refreshments and a light lunch will be available.
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