Make sales through social media

Loughborough University London

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Part of the Digital Skills Programme, this one-day workshop is designed to help start-ups and SMEs utilise social media for their business needs.

If your business is on social, and you want to use your social activity to help you drive sales and grow, our Digital Skills workshop may be for you!

This workshop focuses on identifying your target market and their journey to buying your products or services. You'll be able to map out the route they take and what content you can create to answer questions they have along the way and position your business as the go to company in your market. Building relationships is vital, whether that’s with your customer or influencers you can use to help promote your business, but you need to know what works. In this workshop you'll cover how to use data from social media to understand your accounts' performance and make better decisions as a result.

This free workshop is run by Paul Ince, Director of Like Mind Media. Paul works with small businesses on content marketing, branding, paid strategies, and video. Like Mind Media helps businesses devise social media marketing strategies that deliver results aligned to the core business objectives.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This free workshop forms part of Loughborough University London’s Digital Skills Programme and is free to all London registered businesses who meet the criteria for support.

To sign up for this workshop you must register on the Digital Skills Programme.  Please register and you will be contacted to gain a place on the workshop.

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