How to use LinkedIn to grow your network & win work - a practical course for startups and SMEs


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Part of the Digital Skills Programme, this workshop is designed to help help SMEs utilise LinkedIn appropriately.

Please note: this is a two-part workshop - you’ll need to commit to attending both the 26 May and 28 May sessions when you sign up).

Join Miguel Garcia, long time Echo member and ex-employee at Linkedin and Microsoft, who helps organisations to use LinkedIn to hire, sell, train, recruit, and market more effectively. 

What you’ll gain from this course

  • Understand how to stand out on LinkedIn in meaningful ways
  • Understand how to find and attract your ideal audience
  • Understand how to connect and message authentically with influencers and DMs
  • Understand how to share advice and content to build your credibility

By putting what you learn to practice you will be able to see results leading to more profile views, followers, connections, responses to messages, and shares of your advice and content.

What is unique and so compelling about you and your business that would make someone want to buy your services or products? This is what Miguel can help you answer with the help of Linkedin.

Who is the workshop for?

  • Small business owners and startups who want to increase their confidence in managing their finances, and make better use of digital tools.
  • This course is specifically designed for businesses who are registered companies (with a company number), and is tailored towards your specific LinkedIn setup and needs

About Miguel

Since 2006, Miguel Garcia has helped thousands across the world to maximise their career and business potential with the use of social media and in 2016 he founded a digital learning agency called Fylo Learning in London.

Most recently in 2019 Miguel published his first book Linkedin for Students, Graduates, and Educators following lessons learned supporting universities and business schools.

This workshop is being delivered by Echo as part of Loughborough University London's Digital Skills programme

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