Communication and Social Change in South Asia- New Media

Loughborough University London

Students in a lecture theatre

This half day symposium will look at the role of media and communication in addressing issues of social concern in South Asia.

Communication is at the core of social change agenda; from the establishment of the Film Divisions unit in India to communicate the ideas of a new developing Nehruvian India to digital media which continues to instigate social change and politics of protest against establishment politics. This one day workshop/seminar has two panels which includes established and early career scholars alongside research students.

Speakers include:

Dr Shakuntala Banaji (London School of Economics and Political Science): "Ethics and Agency in children’s encounters with technologically driven social change: the case of class and communication in India"

Bridget Backhaus (Loughborough University): "The changing role of community radio in India"

Dr Akanksha Mehta (University of Sussex): “Narrative of Violence: Everyday Politics of Hindu Nationalist Women in India”

Dr Lipi Begum (University of Southampton): "Where is the Bangladesh garment sector now? Idea and reality"

Bulbul Hasan (King's College London) "Role of media in social mobilisation: British Bangladeshi perspectives”

This event is free, please arrive by 9.30am in order to sign-in.

A select number of travel bursaries are available for PhD students who wish to attend from other parts of the UK. Please contact Dr Rohit K Dasgupta or Dr Clelia Clini to find out more information.

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